Goods and Services tax – What’s in store?

With the roll-out of what has been touted as the biggest and most ambitious tax reforms that the country has ever seen, there has been widespread apprehension about what the Goods and Services tax entails for the economy. Despite the Government’s constant claims that the GST will be beneficial, and boost the GDP of the … Continue reading Goods and Services tax – What’s in store?


Crypto-currency –Decrypting the future

Anonymity –the state of having your identity hidden, in spite of normal everyday functioning. It’s a convenient boon offered to us by the internet; but it could be employed for better or for worse. On one hand, there are tales regarding the deep web which we’re well aware of –a platform, more often than not … Continue reading Crypto-currency –Decrypting the future

Dangers of saving the endangered

With so much hype about extinction of species, it is high time we start discussing the different impacts it’s going to have on different areas. Apart from the biological diversity and ‘animals are living creatures created by god itself’ arguments, there are numerous other arguments against extinction of animals. However, it must be noted that … Continue reading Dangers of saving the endangered

Science & Economics –Coexisting in Space

Space –an infinite expanse of celestial bodies. The very concept has piqued the interest of many from time immemorial. Scientists, astronauts, thinkers, philosophers, they’ve all attempted to study a portion of this unfathomable entity –our solar system. Space exploration has been an ongoing process since the longest time, undergoing endless growth and evolution in terms … Continue reading Science & Economics –Coexisting in Space